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Due to the rarity of this breed in the United States, we do not expect that there will frequently be dogs available for rescue. However, should the need arise, available dogs may be viewed here. All dogs adopted from the rescue will either be spayed/neutered prior to placement, or, if the animal is too young, will be adopted with a spay/neuter contract.

CSVCA Adoptable Dogs

Please note – we currently only list purebred Czechoslovakian Vlcaks for adoption.
If you wish to inquire about a dog, please contact the CSVCA.
If you would like to file an Adoption Application to be considered for future rescues, please complete the form and email it back to [email protected], attention: Rescue.
The adoption application can be found here. Please save a copy in order to edit.

Currently no dogs available.

Other Available Dogs

Czechoslovakian Vlcaks listed in this category are older dogs available through private owners, who are also members of the CSVCA and agree to adhere to the CSVCA Code of Ethics and By-laws. This is a courtesy listing service. The CSVCA takes no responsibility for adoptions or placements of these dogs.

Currently no dogs available.